Look Sharp




10 pounds per week*
48 hour turnaround
$1.75 per additional pound

Credits: to be used for weekly dry cleaning and/or extra weight.

Bedding: includes most duvets, quilts, sheets, pillowcases, ect.

Example of 10lbs of laundry:

  • seven pairs of boxers/underwear
  • three pairs of pants
  • seven tee shirts
  • seven pairs of socks
  • two towels

*Additional weight will automatically be billed at $1.75 per pound to the payment method associated with your account. Pounds do not roll over from week to week, but credits roll over from semester to semester as well as year to year. Basic duvets/quilts are billed at $15+ and are processed separately from regular clothing items. All laundry is folded and wrapped in paper before being placed back in your laundry bag to ensure clothing items remain folded and clean. In order to prevent damage, we try our best to remove expensive and delicate items such as dresses, blazers, dress shirts, wool sweaters, blouses, and other items with ‘Dry Clean Only’ or similar instructions from fluff n’ fold and automatically process them as dry cleaning items to be billed to your account.

Current Dry Cleaning Prices:

Men’s Ladies
Pants $4 Pants $4
Shirts $4 Blouses $4
Sport Coat $6 Lined or Silk Blouse $5
Sweaters $5+ Dresses $8+
Suit $10 Suits w/ Skirt $10
Uniforms $5 Skirts $6